Our Mission

To ensure that every individual in our school achieves personal excellence in pursuit of our school goals.

We will develop school wide approaches to ensure the emotional well-being of staff and students.

Priority will be placed on the acquisition of skills for literacy, numeracy and thinking. Learning in these areas will be developed as school wide approaches and will be monitored to ensure maximum gain in learning across all ability levels.

Learning and task routines will provide opportunities for students and teachers to work collaboratively to find innovative solutions to authentic problems and complex issues. 

ICT, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and Careers Education (My Education) will be purposefully incorporated as a means to make school learning relevant to our students’ futures.

We will develop strategic partnerships with both local and global communities to extend student and staff learning.

Students and staff will be supported to set goals for their future development and will receive regular feedback on progress towards these goals.

We will continue our commitment to holistic learning opportunities in the arts, sport and leadership activities.