Our Values

  • Respect – valuing the rights and opinions of others and taking care of ourselves and our learning environment
  • Collaboration – working in effective partnerships with students, staff and community
  • Resilience – developing skills and strengths required to confront and solve challenges
  • Innovation – promoting creative thinking, nurturing a sense of wonder and generating solutions to authentic problems
  • Excellence – striving for the highest personal achievement, setting and achieving goals and celebrating success

Our People Are:

Caring, curious, resilient, confident, well mannered, ambitious, empathetic, intrepid, tolerant, creative, researchers, thinkers, motivated, inclusive, team orientated, problem solvers, literate, numerate, ICT capable, effective communicators, leaders, healthy, active, happy, respectful and kind.

Our Resources

We use our resources wisely and have a commitment to maintain and continually improve our learning and recreation spaces to facilitate team orientated, active learning methods.

Our Environment

Learning takes place in many varied locations at the school and in the wider community. As our school develops we will find more opportunities for our staff and students to connect with the broader global community in authentic learning.

Our Respectful School Environment

We build our orderly and safe learning environment around our 3 Wise I’s

I am Safe –The right to feel safe and a responsibility to ensure the safety of others.

I am Respectful – The right to be treated with respect and the responsibility to show respect for others and their property.

I am a Learner –The right to learn and the responsibility to let others learn.