Clean Up Australia Day

Clean up Australia Day has been in action for the past 25 years. The inspiration of Ian Kiernan AO and Kim McKay AO, Clean Up Australia Day has seen more than 27 million hours devoted to cleaning up our environment and over 288 000 tonnes of rubbish collected.

Since 1992, school communities from across Australia have been participating in Schools Clean Up Day, a Clean Up Australia Event. 2016 is the 25th anniversary of school participation.

Kingston Primary School takes part in this event each year.  We are proud of our school environment and our students are keen to keep it looking great! All classes are involved in collecting rubbish from different areas of the school grounds. Of course hygiene is paramount and students are provided with gloves and tongs for use when collecting rubbish.

Students are not only contributing towards making our school grounds a great place to be but also have the opportunity to learn about packaging, waste, recycling and environmental sustainability.