Kitchen Program

Our school kitchen was officially opened in conjunction with the 24 Carrot Garden in 2015.

Students in Grades 3 and 4 take part in regular 90 minute lessons in the kitchen where the focus is on a ‘seed to plate’ style philosophy. Students are involved in planting seeds and seedlings in the 24 Carrot Garden, nurturing these through to harvest and then utilising the produce in the kitchen where there is a distinct focus on healthy eating.

Emphasis is placed on using seasonal foods where possible as students are taught to make the most of locally grown produce. The 24 Carrot Garden is the source of most fresh produce used in the kitchen and when there is abundance, produce is frozen or preserved for use at other times during the year.

During kitchen lessons, students learn about hygiene, preparation, cooking and cleaning up before the table is set and everyone enjoys eating together.

In addition, our kitchen is a wonderful source of freshly made chutneys, relishes, sauces and preserves which are sold from time to time to the school community, a valuable way of raising additional funds for the kitchen program.