Little Bush and the Outdoor Classroom

In 2013 we applied for and were successful in receiving a State Sustainability Grant and a grant from NRM South – Natural Resource Management, to assist with development of our bushland area at the rear of the school, known as the ‘Little Bush’. As an integral part of this development, an outdoor classroom was created and officially opened in 2014.

The ‘Little Bush,’ a tranquil patch of remnant Eucalyptus Ovata forest, now incorporates pathways and interpretive signage along with the outdoor classroom facility. This facility allows students to work in an interactive and stimulating environment with many opportunities for hands-on learning, creative thinking and group discussions. By using this facility, teachers have been able to greatly enhance our science learning, particularly in the areas of biodiversity, ecological sustainability, climate change and natural cycles. Students have the opportunity to learn in an outdoor environment, whilst developing a greater appreciation for the natural environment within their community.

In 2016, a grant from Sporting Schools – an Australian Government initiative, has enabled the school to plan a comprehensive orienteering facility for the school grounds which incorporates the Little Bush area. This facility will enable students to develop new skills in the area of physical education with links also to mathematics.