Literacy at Kingston Primary School

Kingston Primary School recognises literacy development as an essential skill for success in all areas of a child’s education. Teachers structure their program to include a two hour literacy block each day. This dedicated time focuses on skill development in reading, writing, spelling, speaking and listening. Students receive explicit whole group instruction, small group and individual teaching to cater for all needs and abilities.

Kingston Primary School strengthens the vital area of Literacy with two support and extension programs.

Early Childhood Literacy Support

Often called Flying Start, this program has an additional teacher who works across all classes from Prep to Grade 2. In collaboration with the classroom teacher, groups are identified for support in specific areas of need such as reading and spelling.

The Literacy Support teacher also assists with writing, introducing new text types to small groups and building skills in proof reading and self-correction. Use of the approved handwriting style is also closely monitored and encouraged.

The Literacy Support teacher assists all classroom teachers to complete regular assessments on every individual student’s reading level. By doing this three to four times a year, we ensure that each child is receiving targeted reading and comprehension instruction and making appropriate progress.

Primary Literacy

Our other Literacy program is known as Raising the Bar. The teacher in this role also offers assistance to classroom teachers with groups identified for support and extension, as well as leading Literacy Professional Learning for teachers.  However, the main focus is on collecting data from many sources to give us a complete picture of how each individual child is progressing in literacy and how we may best support their needs. NAPLAN test results play a part in this data collection, and so do many other school-based assessments. Kingston Primary School has a student data base which we update with new information from internal and external testing each year. This allows us to track each child’s progress across their time at the school.