Parent Involvement

School Governance

Our school has an active School Association chaired by one of the 5 elected parents on the Association Executive. Parents serve on various sub-committees of the School Association in reviewing policy and school improvement initiatives.

Classroom Helpers

Class teachers, mostly in the early years classes, involve parents in assisting with learning activities in classrooms. This varies from class to class based on the needs of the teacher and the complimentary skills offered by parents. Teachers will communicate directly with parents regarding class volunteer helping opportunities.

Sports Coaching and Team Managing  

Our school has many sporting teams competing in after school competitions. Parents are actively involved as coaches and team organisers. Our Health and Physical Education specialist coordinates after school sports participation and is always looking for parents to help out with our teams.

Launching Into Learning Program

This program involves a weekly play and socialising experience for preschool aged children and their parents. The program is available to parents and children residing in the Kingborough area.

Fundraising committee

This is a parent led group who coordinate a number of fund raising activities to support student extension opportunities at the school.


Our school canteen is conducted by parent volunteers.

Uniform Shop

Several parents are involved as volunteers is our uniform shop that operates at the school.

Breakfast club

Staff and parents roster themselves to prepare breakfast at the school each morning of the week.

Book Club

Scholastic Book Club provides parents with the opportunity to purchase high quality books and other educational resources with commission on every sale coming back to the school to spend on student resources. Parents can be involved in supporting this activity by contacting our library staff.

School Fair

Every second year we conduct a school fair which is coordinated by parents.

Registration to Work with Vulnerable People.

If you volunteer at our school, you will be required to register for ‘Registration to Work with Vulnerable People’. This became mandatory as of 1 September 2016. You will not be able to volunteer at the school unless you have this card. The Education Department Good Character Check is no longer valid.

Please go online to complete the application and it is critical that you choose Department of Education from the drop down box.

Registration is currently free of charge for those volunteering in schools.