Student Absence / Late Arrivals / Early Departures

All parents are required by law to account for their child’s absence from school.

Our core hours are 8:55 am to 2:55 pm except for Kindergarten which is 9 am to 2:45 pm (on designated days).

Not at school today                            Late to school                               Leaving school early


Procedure for Student Absence

A brief note or telephone call to 03 6229 5728 is all that is necessary.  Our office is staffed from 8am school days.

It is important that you let us know why your child is absent from school as we are required to record this information for the Department of Education.

Procedure for Late Arrivals

All students arriving late (after 8.55 am) must go to the school office with their parent or carer and be signed in before proceeding to their classroom.

Procedure for Early Departures

Students being collected during the school day (before 2:55 pm) must be met and signed out by their parent or carer in the foyer.  Parents/carers must NOT collect students from classes or from the playground.