Number 5: 11 April, 2018


Taroona Vacation Program APRIL 2018

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Dear Families,

It is the end of another successful term at Taroona. I do hope you all have time to relax over the holiday break and re-charge the batteries ready for another exciting term of learning, which starts on Monday the 30th April.

Play West Playground to Open Monday 30th April

We are very excited about our new playground and can’t wait for its official opening on Monday 30th April.  We have planned a small event, starting at 10.45am, with all community members welcome to attend.  TPSA Chair, Leah Magliano will join myself and all students and staff to officially open the playground; a project that has been 3 years in the making.  I do hope you can join us.

Staffing Updates

Many parents may not be aware that our music teacher, Miss Lisa Ker, is currently on extended sick leave due to a debilitating ear / hearing condition. Lisa has been advised by specialists to take further leave to try and resolve the condition therefore she will not return until late Term 2 at the earliest. Mrs Linda Zywko-Hicks has been providing the Music program during this last part of Term 1 in Lisa’s absence.  Term 2 Music Program arrangements are still to be finalised.

Deborah Bender recently joined our teaching team 0.4FTE (Thursday and Fridays), working in a Learning Support role until at least the end of Term 2. Deborah is returning to ECE/ Primary teaching after many years in secondary and senior secondary roles, predominantly teaching drama and the performing arts.

Tomorrow we will farewell Mrs Nina Penfold one last time as she heads off to Bali for a well-earned break and then into retirement. We will be welcoming back Mrs Sarah Wilson from LSL at the start of Term 2.

Finally, we are still following HR processes to appoint a Teacher Assistant for Kinder Glover and hope to have more information very soon for our Kindergarten families.

Loose Parts Play 2018

Next term we are introducing Loose Parts Play into the ECE playground. Staff will be encouraging children to use their imagination and play with resources including cardboard boxes, large pieces of material, PVC Pipes, wooden planks, kitchen utensils and plastic spools. These are called ‘loose parts’.

Loose parts play will happen within class time and during play time; it will be a chance for children to:

  • Play freely with friends
  • Investigate
  • Discover
  • Explore
  • Create
  • Use lots of trial and error to learn for themselves
  • Learn to make their own judgments about adventurous play and recognising safe limits.

Do you have resources to donate?

We will need a supply of loose parts to get started. Initially we are looking for:

  • Large pieces of fabric
  • Dressing-up stuff like hats, scarves, dresses (the brighter and more interesting the better)
  • Old household items like pots and pans, wooden spoons, mixing bowls, buckets, clean PVC pipes, cable reels etc.
  • Large wooden or plastic trays; and
  • Sturdy storage containers suitable for children to move independently e.g. milk crates, plastic tubs with lids, wicker baskets

Resources can be delivered to the Loose Parts Storage Shed (below the Prep Deck area) before school on Mon, Tues or Wed, 8.30 – 8.45am, during the first 4 weeks of Term 2.

Please make sure that items are clean and do not donate anything that is likely to cause injury such as items with sharp edges. Contact Emma Nuttall for more information:  or ph: 6227 8325

Growing Up Program

The Growing Up Program is being delivered this week for all classes K-6. At the parent session on Monday morning the educator shared the resource Talk soon. Talk often. This book is freely available to help Tasmanian parents talk with their children about growing up.  It contains information appropriate for each developmental stage and was developed by the Government of Western Australia (Department of Health) and adapted for Tasmanian use with permission.

Download a free copy from or call (03) 6166 0629 or email to request a hard copy.

Have a terrific holiday!

Danielle Bresnehan



Thank you to the families, who have paid levies, or have made levy paying arrangements.

Levies are now overdue. Please make payment as soon as possible, as our school budgets for the collection of all levies. If you are experiencing financial difficulties and would like to make a levy payment agreement, please contact me via email or telephone to discuss this matter. Student Assistance Scheme (STAS)  forms are available from the office, if your circumstances have changed, and you are eligible to apply.

Bianca Long     

School Business Manager

Ph: 6227 8325



It is with regret that the Taroona Primary School Association received news at the beginning of Term 1, that Ally Gunton would not be able to continue in her role as Sushi Friday Coordinator beyond the end of this term.

We wish to thank her for the time she has given to the role (some 5 hours every week!) this term and in 2017; and thank her for introducing us all to the delicious prawn, Californian and more recently, omelette hand rolls!

We wish Ally and her family, including baby Harvey, all the best and I will be pleased to see her from time to time as she has agreed to provide occasional help sorting sushi each Friday.

If you too would like to help be part of our Sushi Friday, please get in touch with me.

Alex Terhell

Deputy Chair, TPSA and Sushi Coordinator



During March, teachers and students from Taroona Primary participated in a number of opportunities offered as part of Gifted Awareness week. Some  teachers attended an after school seminar and planning workshop presented by Dr Manoj Chandra Handa about Fostering Differentiated Learning for the Gifted, and Gifted Insight professional learning offered by the Department of Education.

So far this year TPS students have participated in the School Mathematics competition (Mathematics Association of Tasmania), the Computational and Algorithmic Thinking competition (Mathematics Trust of Australia), and next week three grade 6 students, Xavier Mulcahy, Oliver Murphy and Otto Newstead will participate in the Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools. Students have also started in some online programs that run throughout the year. Our keen writers are being supported by parent volunteer Maggie Sakko through an online writers group, with some students submitting their work to the Write for Fun competition. Other students from grades 1 to 6 are participating in the Department of Education’s Gifted Online programs.  These stretch students in areas of STEM, critical and creative thinking, English, maths, coding & philosophy, and students work on these at both school and home. We are lucky to have the wonderful support of UTAS and TAFE student volunteers Helen Dunsby, Georgia Mahy and Wayne Meyers to help students make the most of their online courses.

Other enrichment opportunities throughout 2018 include Debating, Tournament of Minds, the Australian Maths Competition, Young Archies, Alliance Francais, Maths Olympiad, Mathematics Relay, What Matters Writing competition, Bebras Challenge, and the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians.

In addition to these rich external resources, TPS teachers are committed and supported to differentiate the learning within each classroom so that all students engage at a point that brings both challenge and success, and build in our students the school’s values of creativity, excellence, collaboration, resilience and respect.

Hilary Purdie

AST – Support & Extension


We were very proud of all students who were selected to participate in the Athletics Champions Carnival last Thursday. Following the event, the SPSSA invited Esther and Neve to be members of the SPSSA team which will compete in Launceston on Friday May 11th. Congratulations Ester and Neve.

Final Results:
Xavier M 1500m 6th, Vortex 5th
Kaiki M Long Jump 8th
Neve H 100m 7th, Long Jump 9th
Jude B 100m 5th in the heat
Hannah G-S 800m 6th
Evan H 400m 5th
Esther G-S 800m 2nd
Year 4 girls shuttle relay (Hannah, Claudia, Nelanika, Felicity, June and Bella) 4th


3-4 P

Who would have thought the Commonwealth games would make it to Taroona?

In Grade 3/4 P, we celebrated the Potato Commonwealth Games. Each student received a ‘potato athlete’ and we had great fun dressing them up and giving them names. The students did a great job researching about their country of origin. We learned about lots of new places in the world.

The potato athletes competed in three events – 1500m, 100m sprint, shot put and diving. The students did lots of measuring (cm, m, secs, mL) to find out our winners. Sadly, many potatoes did not survive the day as they splattered upon landing (shot put) or drowned (diving).

Congratulations to all of the potatoes and your coaches.  You all competed fairly and in the true spirit of the game.  We really loved sharing this day with Grade 3/4 G-S.  A big thank you to Miss M for all your help on the day.

Liz Parry


 1-2 P

Our class have been working extremely hard around the TPS value of ‘Creativity’. As you can see from our photos, we have been writing descriptive poetry, making papier mache globes of the world, creating a canvas for the upcoming TMAG Children’s Festival, performing plays and wondering about African artefacts! What a busy few weeks of learning we have had and it all has been amazing fun!

Jos Pullen






2018 COMMITTEE UPDATE FROM AGM: Please click here to find out more. We meet once a month at 7pm in the Staffroom at the School to discuss everything from school staffing, updates on grounds, fundraising and ideas or issues brought to our attention by parents and staff. 2018: Next Meeting to be held on Tuesday 1 May, 2018 at 7pm. If you are unable to attend meetings but would still like to know what’s going on, you can be added to our email list. Please email requesting to join the list.


Lady Gowrie Taroona Before and After School Hours Care     **Click here for Vacation Care Program APRIL 2018                   Lady Gowrie Taroona After School Care operates from the hall each school day from 7.30-8.30am (Before School Care) and 3.00-6.00pm (After School Care) where we cater for children aged 4-12 year olds. We offer a safe and stimulating environment based on the children’s interests incorporating both indoor and outdoor play.  We employ trained Educators and provide a nutritious breakfast and afternoon tea each day.  Please contact the Lady Gowrie Outside School Hours Care Office on 6230 6806 or email us at for more information. To enrol we require families to complete a 2018 enrolment form prior to care commencing.  Child Care Benefit is available to eligible families and all families meeting a work/study requirement are entitled to 50% off all on costs. For more information about what your family is entitled to please contact the Department of Human Services on 136 150.

To ensure the safety of our school property, please ring Crime Stoppers if you see anyone acting suspiciously in our school grounds.




When placing an order please write name, class and teacher clearly on an envelope and secure payment within and drop into your class drawer at the office by Tuesday afternoon. Also please don’t use foreign coins for payment as they cannot be banked. We prefer not to take cheques and we ask that coins not be taped together. We are currently seeking some new volunteers to help with sushi on a Friday.  If you could volunteer an hour of your time on a Friday morning to help pack the orders that would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact Alex Terhell or the office. If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact Alex at Alex Terhell Sushi Coordinator

School Banking  Update: At this stage we expect School Banking to resume in Term 2, watch this space!   For more information please contact Alison Phillips –

Uniform Shop News – Click here for 2018 information and Price list

The Uniform Shop sells new uniforms to the school community, and also sells second hand donated items. All proceeds go to the Taroona Primary School Association. Second hand items are in constant demand. If you have second hand items that you would like to donate they will be gratefully accepted. Please note that it is not possible for us to conduct private sales on behalf of individuals. However, we have recently been made aware of a Facebook page created by a parent called: Taroona Primary School Uniform Buy/Sell & Trade We are open Tuesdays between 2:45 and 3:15 under the staffroom. If you can’t make this time, place an order at the office for collection the following Wednesday morning.

Duty of Care Please note that students are not to arrive before 8.30am. This is for the students’ protection and safety as there are no teachers on duty prior to 8.30am and classrooms remain locked until this time. Supervision is provided before and after school:

  • Playground (EXCLUDING PLAY WEST & OVAL) 8.30am to 8.55am
  • Car park & bus area 2.50pm to 3.05pm