Number 6: 9 May, 2018


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Dear Families,

The new term has started off with much excitement and activity! Play West was opened in true Taroona style on the first day of term, with Stella and Mr Poynter riding the zip line whilst Prep students blowed bubbles to celebrate the event. The area has already delivered hundreds of hours of entertainment for students and their families. The ‘Grand Opening’ is featured on page 5 of the latest edition of the Kingborough Chronicle!

As the colder weather starts to set in it is timely to remind families to ensure children have jumpers and/or jackets with them each day.  Layers are fine e.g. tights underneath dresses, long sleeves under sports tops, so long as school colours are worn.  Please make sure names are clearly visible on all items of clothing and check the lost property basket for anything that has gone missing.

Staffing Update 

In Lisa Ker’s absence due to an ear condition, Music for the first 6 weeks of this term is being covered by Mr Tony Hasty on Mondays and Miss Alisha Watkins on Tuesday and Thursdays. Both Tony and Alisha have Music teaching qualifications and experience, and have made a wonderful start with the classes. More information will be provided as the term continues.

This week we welcome Ms Angela Spooner, Social Worker, to the Taroona PS team.  Ange has been asked to take on the SW role at Taroona due to Omar increasing his hours at Huonville High School.  We are very fortunate to have dedicated SW hours available to the school and I know this service is highly valued by our families.  Please contact the office if you would like to access support from any of our Professional Staff.

Volunteers Required to Support TPSA Activities

The TPSA provides an important service to our school community through fundraising activities including Friday Sushi and the Uniform Shop. Volunteers are desperately required, especially for Sushi Fridays.  If you, or someone you know (e.g. grandparent, aunt, uncle, community member) can regularly give an hour of your time to assist the regular volunteers please contact the TPSA (see below for full details).  Any support would be most appreciated.

Upcoming Events (see below for full information)

  • Year 1, 2 and 6 swimming and water safety program starts next week at Collegiate Pool.  Please talk to your child’s teacher if you are able to assist.
  • NAPLAN is scheduled for all Year 3 & 5 students next Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week (15-17 May).
  • Kinder to Year 6 Cross Country Carnival will be held on Wednesday 23rd May, 9.15 – 11am.
  • Term 2 Stride & Ride Day, Friday 25th May.

Best wishes

Danielle Bresnehan


ASSEMBLY DATE CHANGES FOR TERM 2: – Mondays this term.

Week 4: Monday 21 May, 2pm GP Hall

Week 6: Monday 4 June, 2pm GP Hall

Week 9: Monday 25 June, 2pm GP Hall


A huge thank you to those who have already donated items for our Loose Parts Playground Project.

We are still on the hunt for the following:

  • Old household items like pots and pans, wooden spoons, mixing bowls, buckets, clean PVC pipes, cable reels etc.
  • Dressing-up stuff like hats, scarves, dresses (the brighter and more interesting the better)
  • Large wooden or plastic trays; and
  • Sturdy storage containers suitable for children to move independently e.g. milk crates, plastic tubs with lids, wicker baskets

Resources can be delivered to the Loose Parts Storage Shed (below the Prep Deck area) before school on Mon, Tues or Wed, 8.30 – 8.45am, during the first 4 weeks of Term 2.

Please make sure that items are clean and do not have sharp edges. Contact Emma Nuttall for more information:  or ph: 6227 8325

For further information click here 


Thank you to the families, who have paid levies, or have made levy paying arrangements.

Levies are now overdue. Please make payment as soon as possible, as our school budgets for the collection of all levies. If you are experiencing financial difficulties and would like to make a levy payment agreement, please contact me via email or telephone to discuss this matter. Student Assistance Scheme (STAS)  forms are available from the office, if your circumstances have changed, and you are eligible to apply.

Bianca Long     

School Business Manager

Ph: 6227 8325


SWIMMING – Grades 1, 2 & 6 – next week 14-18 May (daily for 1 week)

Year 1, 2 and 6 Swimming and Water Safety Program

All students in Year 1, 2 and 6 will be participating in the Swimming and Water Safety Program for the week, 14-18 May at the Collegiate Pool.

The wearing of swimming caps is a requirement at the Collegiate Pool. Caps are available at the school office for a cost of $2.00.

An email was sent on Tuesday 8 May with more detailed information. A copy of the letter can be seen here

Students in 1-2G will be departing school promptly at 9am.  Students will need to arrive in the classroom by 8.45am.


Class/Year  Pool Times
Year 1-2G  9:30 – 10:00
Year 1-2NG 10:00 – 10:30
Year 1-2W 10:30 – 11:00
Year 1-2P 11:00 – 11:30
Year 6s (from 5-6PT and 5-6H) 11:30 – 12:00
Year 6s (from 5-6C and 5-6GM) 12:00 – 12:30

SWIMMING – Grades 3, 4 & 5 – coming soon: 28 May – 8 June (daily for 2 weeks)

Please check to see if your child has not grown out of their swimmers and also have a cap.  A reminder will be sent out closer to the time.


National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) 2018

NAPLAN (National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy) commenced in Australian schools in 2008.  Each year, all students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 participate in common national tests which assess:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation)
  • Numeracy.

The scheduled dates for the tests in 2018 are Tuesday 15 May, Wednesday 16 May and Thursday 17 May.

The benefits of participating in NAPLAN testing:

  • NAPLAN tests the skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life such as reading, writing, spelling, grammar and numeracy.
  • NAPLAN results provide valuable information on how your child is progressing against national minimum standards of literacy and numeracy skills expected for each year level.
  • The NAPLAN tests provide you as parents with an individual report that shows your child’s results and a comparison of your child’s performance against all other Australian students in their year level.
  • Teachers use the NAPLAN results to determine your child’s areas of strength and where future focus is required and how best to provide support or extension activities.
  • School teachers use the online NAPLAN Toolkit to analyse your child’s results. The Toolkit provides detailed information right down to the individual question with links to teaching strategies.
  • Principals, senior staff and others use NAPLAN results to inform school planning and to allocate resources and support including informing decisions around targeted programs and initiatives for individuals and groups.

The best way you can assist your child is by helping them to feel comfortable about the nature and purpose of the tests, and assure them that the tests will give them an opportunity to show what they have learned in class.

For more information about the national tests, please visit the national NAPLAN website at:

Tony Poynter

Assistant Principal  


Taroona Primary School Cross Country Carnival – Wednesday 23 May, 2018 (whole school event)

Location: School Oval

Timetable of events

9.10am                        Kinder

9.20am                          Prep

9.30am                         Year 1

9.45am                         Year 2

10.00am                      Year 3

10.15am                      Year 4

10.30am                      Year 5

10.45am                      Year 6

Parents please be aware that these are approximate times. Please arrive 15 minutes earlier if coming along to watch just in case we start a few minutes earlier. All welcome. Looking forward to seeing you at the school cross country.

Kylie Broadbent

Prep Sattler and Prep Dorney/Frost: Playing our part to build a national picture of child health

This term, our school, along with thousands of others across the country will begin preparations for the fourth Australian Early Development Census (AEDC). The AEDC measures five key areas of development in children during their first year of full-time school to build a national picture of health and wellbeing. Since 2009, the census results have helped communities, schools and governments plan services and target support for children and families.

Teachers are trained to assess each child and answer questions. Children don’t need to be present so no class time is missed, and parents/carers don’t need to supply schools with any new information for the census. Teachers’ individual assessments are then analysed by the AEDC and reported as anonymous groups of children in the final report.

In other communities across the country, census results have helped communities to plan new playgrounds and parental services; schools are seeing improved student performance through new literacy programmes; and governments are using the results as evidence to develop better policies for children.

Teachers have also noticed practical benefits in the classroom. Some said in previous years that completing the assessments made them more aware of the needs of individual children and the class as a whole. Others reported that the census results are useful in planning for transitions to Year 1 and for developing class programs.

Participation in the AEDC is voluntary. Parents/carers don’t need to take any action unless they choose not to include their children in the census. To find out more about the census and how communities are using the data to help children and families visit the AEDC website:

If you have any questions please contact Tony Poynter ( or your Prep child’s teacher.

METRO BUS INFORMATION – changes to timetables.  Please click here for information.

PARENT FORUM INVITATION – Students with a Disability – click here for invitation



Earlier this year current student Luca and former student Archer along with 6 other Tasmanian sailors were selected to represent Australia at the International Cadet World Sailing Championship in Germany.

The youth sailors are currently training hard in preparation and would appreciate your support in their fundraising efforts, to cover some of the costs for coaching, uniforms and boat hire in Germany.

The team are currently selling River Cruise Tickets and Raffle tickets.






19 MAY – Book now!

Join us for a 2-hour fundraising river cruise aboard Mona Roma ferry at 6.15pm on Saturday 19 May.

Tickets are $60 and includes your first drink and nibbles. Go here to book your ticket:‪

We hope you can join us for a fun night out! Please contact Meg Groves to purchase raffle tickets 0487 444 180


Tassie Mums – Coats for kids drive (birth – 12 years) 

Do you have any warm winter clothing that your children no longer need?

Tassie Mums need your help to find 250 coats for babies and children in need.  This will help families in need of warmth and support, now the weather has begun to get chilly, there are many families who cannot keep their babies and children warm, or allow them to play outside because they unable to afford warm winter clothes. Tassie Mums accept good quality new and pre-loved baby and children’s clothing from birth to twelve years.

Please donate any old coats, boots, jumpers or beanies to the Taroona Primary School office. Collection will begin on Thursday 10 May.

Please ensure that everything is freshly washed with no holes or bad stains. A good guide to think is ‘’would I give this to my friend?’’’ To see a complete list of what can be re-homed and for more information please visit

Please contact Josephine Westwood if you have any questions. Ph: 0410 693 823

By Edie N and Darcy C, 5/6 PT


Prep FD

5-6 GM

Last Term we went to Molesworth Environment Centre to enjoy a day of challenging group activities.  Our pic collage shows our reflections about the day and how we worked together as a team.  We looked at our day at Molesworth through our school values and we all decided that the value we demonstrated the most on the day was Resilience.






Dear School Community,

It has been a busy start to the year so just a quick note to let you know what has been happening in the world of the TPSA.


  • April 30th saw the opening of the new playground. It was appropriate that the outgoing President Martine assisted with the opening ceremony as she was instrumental in making this happen and we are thrilled that the kids are loving it.
  • We have applied for and gratefully accepted a Grant of $9000 form TASSO and $250 from Aurora to help us in engaging with the school community. We have loads of plans in this space but are kicking it off with some workshops with Plastic wise and a Parent information session in October- so watch that space. These Grants will also purchase 100 Home Readers for P to 2 to the value of $550
  • We have a few fund raisers planned for August and November- details to be provided soon
  • Icy poles will be provided by TPSA to the children on cross country day- a special one off treat.
  • Last night we had fun investing your fund raising money back on our children. We said a resounding yes to all the teachers’ submissions. These included:
Arts Rotation Funding (K-6) $1, 200
Television for the music room (K-6) $3,480
3-6 Guided Reading Sets (8×5 book sets) $600
Kinder- outdoor storage box and 3 outdoor tables $1,200
Total $6, 480

As always we are keen to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Approach one of us, send us an email or better still come to a meeting…

Look forward to the year ahead

Leah and the TPSA Committee

Coordinator wanted!

Would you like to help coordinate the School’s sushi program: our healthy and very popular mini-canteen program and fund-raiser for our students (over $6,000 raised in 2017).

You would know that our former Sushi Coordinator, Ally Gunton, stepped down last term and as her Deputy, I have stepped up into the role of Sushi Coordinator. With a busy year planned for the Taroona Primary School Association (TPSA), I realise I might have too much on my plate as the new Association’s Deputy Chair.

The main duty I hope someone will help with is the weekly ordering and the reconciliation of payments each Wednesday (approximately 2 hours). Each Friday, I would continue to collect and distribute orders with the help of a new volunteer roster.

A new Sushi Coordinator would also be able to look forward and contribute to, the potential implementation of a new electronic payment system by the TPSA: a service designed to make the lives of all our TPSA volunteers much easier; and help explore the idea of expanding the Sushi Friday menu!

We are exploring some exciting new ways of working and ideas and would welcome another enthusiastic parent volunteer to the Sushi Team!

Please contact me on 0407 330 552 or if you are interested in the role or have other ideas or suggestions that you think could help us.

Thank you from the TPSA

The Taroona Primary School Association was sorry to receive the news of Bridget Green’s decision to resign from her role helping to run the School Uniform Shop at the end of Term 1, 2018.

Bridget has been a willing and dedicated volunteer for 2 years and has worked extremely hard to provide an affordable and accessible service to meet the many needs of students and parents.  Just like Sushi Friday, the Shop is an important fund-raiser and a great service for our parents. Sadly however this leaves a gap in our volunteer service and Carolyn, our current volunteer can’t do this alone. We really need your help.

Please contact Leah Magliano on 0419 314 010 or Carolyn 0419 613 927, for a detailed description of what would be involved and/or if you would like to volunteer in the Uniform Shop on a regular basis.

2018 COMMITTEE UPDATE FROM AGM: Please click here to find out more. We meet once a month at 7pm in the Staffroom at the School to discuss everything from school staffing, updates on grounds, fundraising and ideas or issues brought to our attention by parents and staff. 2018: Next Meeting to be held on Tuesday 5 June, 2018 at 7pm. If you are unable to attend meetings but would still like to know what’s going on, you can be added to our email list. Please email requesting to join the list.


Lady Gowrie Taroona Before and After School Hours Care     

Lady Gowrie Taroona After School Care operates from the hall each school day from 7.30-8.30am (Before School Care) and 3.00-6.00pm (After School Care) where we cater for children aged 4-12 year olds. We offer a safe and stimulating environment based on the children’s interests incorporating both indoor and outdoor play.  We employ trained Educators and provide a nutritious breakfast and afternoon tea each day.  Please contact the Lady Gowrie Outside School Hours Care Office on 6230 6806 or email us at for more information. To enrol we require families to complete a 2018 enrolment form prior to care commencing.  Child Care Benefit is available to eligible families and all families meeting a work/study requirement are entitled to 50% off all on costs. For more information about what your family is entitled to please contact the Department of Human Services on 136 150.

To ensure the safety of our school property, please ring Crime Stoppers if you see anyone acting suspiciously in our school grounds.





Ordering reminder

Don’t forget that payments for sushi can be made in advance for the whole term (Term2, 2018 has 10 weeks) by lump sum cash payment or electronic funds transfer at the School Office.

When placing an order:

  1. write student name, class and order clearly on an envelope;
  2. secure payment within (please don’t go bananas with sticky tape or staples); and
  3. drop into your class drawer at the School Office by Tuesday afternoon.

Please provide the correct money as change is not given and do not use foreign coins.

Sushi Friday raised over $6,000 for the TPSA and our students in 2017. Every order counts!

The TPSA is currently a investigating a small number of electronic payment systems to allow families to place orders online. I will keep you posted on our findings.

Please contact me on 0407 330 552 or with any questions.


School Banking is back!

Bank Books will be collected on Thursday’s each week – straight after daily fitness. Please drop your Bank Books into the class envelopes prior to this.

For those who would like to start banking, please go to your local Commonwealth Bank and open a Youthsaver account for your child. Photo ID is required to do this. (there may be an option online too). Once you have the account number the banking volunteers can set up a school banking number.

For more information please contact Alison Phillips –


Book club issue 3 catalogues have now been sent home and all orders are due by Wednesday May 16. (Drop into box at the front office)

You can order using the form (cash or cheque) or online via LOOP (credit card). Please remember to include your child’s name and class and the correct cash if you use the form.

If you have any book club reusable bags at home please return these to the office ASAP.

Thanks, Jen


Uniform Shop News – Click here for 2018 information and Price list

The Uniform Shop sells new uniforms to the school community, and also sells second hand donated items. All proceeds go to the Taroona Primary School Association. Second hand items are in constant demand. If you have second hand items that you would like to donate they will be gratefully accepted. Please note that it is not possible for us to conduct private sales on behalf of individuals. However, we have recently been made aware of a Facebook page created by a parent called: Taroona Primary School Uniform Buy/Sell & Trade We are open Tuesdays between 2:45 and 3:15 under the staffroom. If you can’t make this time, place an order at the office for collection the following Wednesday morning.

Duty of Care Please note that students are not to arrive before 8.30am. This is for the students’ protection and safety as there are no teachers on duty prior to 8.30am and classrooms remain locked until this time. Supervision is provided before and after school:

  • Playground (EXCLUDING PLAY WEST & OVAL) 8.30am to 8.55am
  • Car park & bus area 2.50pm to 3.05pm