1-2G, 1-2NG, 1-2W & 1-2P – Thursday, 31 May – Theatre Royal – George’s Marvellous Medicine – departing at 10.15am and returning by 12.30pm.

All 1/2 classes will be attending the Shake & Stir Theatre Company production of George’s Marvellous Medicine at the Theatre Royal on Thursday the 31st of May. We will leave school at 10:15am and we will return to school by 1pm. Each class will require one parent volunteer only as we are limited by ticket numbers. Please see your child’s class teacher if you are able to join us.

Year 1/2 Class Teachers


Kinder O & Kinder G – Wednesday, 6 June – Mount Nelson Sustainability Learning Centre – departing at 9.15am

We will be venturing to the Mount Nelson Sustainability Learning Centre on Wednesday June 6th. We will be leaving at 9.15am on the bus. You are welcome to meet us there, providing you have a Working with Venerable Children Card and the office has sighted this. On this day please make sure the children are in their full school uniform but also have a coat and gumboots (scarves, beanies and gloves are always great if it is really cold too). Please ensure your child has named spare clothes in their bag space so we can take these with us.

Tania Glover and Ang Oldfield

Kinder Teachers


3-4C – Wednesday, 6 June – TMAG – Colonial History Comes Alive – departing at 11.50am

On Wednesday, 6th June, Year 3/4C will be visiting TMAG as part of their Colonial History Comes Alive program. There was only one available time to attend the popular session and it is during the second week of Learn to Swim. We will be departing school at 9:15 for swimming and returning to school about 11:15. We will then be catching the bus to TMAG at 11:50 and will return to school by 2:55. Parents whose children catch the early bus will need to make alternative arrangements on that day.

Parent help is needed for this excursion. Please let me know ASAP if you are able to come along, remembering that you will require a WWVP and there is another excursion the following week on the 13th of June.

Alanna Carne


3-4 classes x 4 (all) – Wednesday, 13 June – Cascade Female Factory and Hobart Rivulet – departing at 9.15am

On Wednesday, 13th June, the four Year 3/4 classes will be visiting the Cascade Female Factory. We will be departing school at 9:15 and travelling directly to the Factory. We will be participating in 2 activities: a guided and self-discovery tour at the Female Factory and activities based on the Hobart rivulet (the infant colony’s main fresh-water source until the 1860s). We will then walk to the Cascade Gardens for a well-earned lunch break

Students will need to bring a packed lunch, plenty of water and be in full school uniform. Warm jackets are also essential for this excursion. Students will be returning to school by 1:20pm.

Parent help is needed for this excursion. Parents from each class are welcome to come along. Please let your child’s teacher know if you are available.

Grade 3/4 Teaching Team